President Sukarno and Chairman Mao at the Peace Hotel, Beijing, 1956?

President Sukarno and Chairman Mao at the Peace Hotel, Beijing, 1956?

I teach modern Asian and international history topics in the History department of Bishop’s University. Some course outlines are available through Bishop’s University. Courses include “New Histories of the United Nations”; “Asia: Constructing a Region”; “Memory Truth and Reconciliation in the Developing World”; “Canada and the World in the 20th Century”; “Modern China”; “Modern Southeast Asia,” and others. Recipient of divisional teaching award for Humanities, 2015-16.

I use simulations of historical events for some courses. An offering of History 105 (Twentieth century world) included simulations of the Paris peace conference in 1919 and the Bandung conference of African and Asian states in 1955. This method is inspired by the Reacting to the Past concept. FullSizeRender

My course on memory, truth and reconciliation in the developing world is based around student Wikipedia articles on truth commissions. Here’s the course page for the 2013 offering on Wikipedia. And here’s the dashboard for the 2016 offering. The most recent edition of the course produced a third edition of a textbook, Truth and Reconciliation in 28 Countries (second edition, when it was just 16 countries, is pictured). We used that student-authored textbook in a first-year team-taught course at Bishop’s in 2019. The contents are free on Wikipedia. Click here to learn more.

Previously I taught International Studies at the University of Regina.  One project was a web site of student essays from a course on Non-Governmental Organizations. I also taught International Relations as a postdoctoral fellow at Trinity College, University of Toronto.

History of Pandemics 3We are preparing a summer 2020 team-taught online course on the history of pandemics with Bishop’s faculty and graduates

Outlines/syllabi for courses taught at Bishop’s follow:

Introductory surveys

Asian histories/Asian studies (national history surveys taught in transnational perspective)

International histories

H228 Visual Syllabus F2018Truth and reconciliation/truth and justice